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The Van Gogh House in New Amsterdam

In New Amsterdam (less than 15 minutes by car from the guest room) is the Van Gogh House.The Van Gogh House in New Amsterdam / Veenoord is the only publicly accessible building in the Netherlands where one of the most famous painters in the world, Vincent van Gogh, lived and worked.

In 1883 Vincent works and lives in the guest house for two months and it is the base for his explorations through the peat area. His goal is to paint the 'ordinary' person, and in particular the farm worker. In the Van Gogh House you are in the room where Vincent van Gogh stayed in 1883. His bed is still in the same place, the drawing box is open, the paint palette ready for use. Maybe Van Gogh takes a long walk through the peat, it seems as if he can come back any time ...

You see a film that brings you back to 1883. You look through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh at the southeast of Drenthe of that time. Experience the peace and space of beautiful Drenthe, as the famous painter described it so lyrically in his letters. With his drawings, paintings and letters, Van Gogh captured a piece of the history of Drenthe, years before photography entered this part of the Netherlands.

When staying for a minimum of 3 nights in Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh in Geesbrug, you, as our guests, get 1 free entry to the Van Gogh House, including the tour.

Het Van Gogh Huis
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP Veenoord/Nieuw-amsterdam
Tel: 0591-555600

Op de fiets  16 km
met de auto  16 km

(bron tekst en foto: Het van Gogh Huis)

Bed en Breakfast Van Gogh
Ruud en Marieke Hobo
Kanaalweg 18
7917TB Geesbrug
Drenthe - Nederland
phone: 0031 6 464 88 255


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Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in South-East Drenthe. The spacious guesthouse can accommodate up to 3 people and consists of a spacious sitting room with a 2-person bed, a sitting area, a dining table, and a pantry with fridge, microwave, coffee and tea making facilities on the ground floor and a single room on the first floor. The B&B has its own toilet and bathroom with shower and the B&B has its own entrance.