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Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork

The exhibition in the Camp Westerbork Remembrance Center tells the story of the location of Camp Westerbork.
The personal stories are the common thread. From people who were deported via camp Westerbork, but also of guards, train drivers, neighbors and people who helped Jews go into hiding or escape.

In the summer of 1942, Westerbork camp became a Durchgangslager: the place where Jews from all over the Netherlands were brought together to deport them from there. This as a final step in the persecution of the Jews.
The exhibition follows the story of the persecuted men, women and children from the moment they were taken from home. Some stayed in Westerbork for only a short time,others stayed in the camp for months or even years.

Camp Westerbork was like a city on the heath. The system was aimed at creating a picture of a normal life with school and work, with a hospital and relaxation. Film recordings made in 1944 show this image of camp Westerbork and can be viewed in the exhibition. But it was a system of false hope: a train with an unknown destination left every Tuesday. The first deportation train left on July 15, 1942, followed by 92 transports until September 1944.
In total, more than 107,000 people were deported from Westerbork: only 5,000 returned.
In sound clips you can listen to the memories of survivors.

Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork
Oosthalen 8
9414 TG Hooghalen
0593 - 592600
Op de fiets 28,4 km
met de auto 30,0 km

(bron tekst: Kamp Westerbork)

Bed en Breakfast Van Gogh
Ruud en Marieke Hobo
Kanaalweg 18
7917TB Geesbrug
Drenthe - Nederland
phone: 0031 6 464 88 255


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Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in South-East Drenthe. The spacious guesthouse can accommodate up to 3 people and consists of a spacious sitting room with a 2-person bed, a sitting area, a dining table, and a pantry with fridge, microwave, coffee and tea making facilities on the ground floor and a single room on the first floor. The B&B has its own toilet and bathroom with shower and the B&B has its own entrance.