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The Gallery and Sculpture Garden are situated, like a true paradise, amidst a vast and tranquil landscape in one of the most beautiful parts of Drenthe. A garden has been laid out here on seven hectares of land with a very varied planting, all species neatly labeled with a name sign.

There are vast, sometimes sloping lawns, occasionally interrupted by large round ponds and picturesque tree groups. In some places, specific gardens, each with its own atmosphere and separate design. There is a grass garden and a geranium garden. Spread out over the entire site, comfortable benches and private hiding places invite you to take a restful contemplative break or an undisturbed conversation. But you can also take a walk on a winding forest path, with here and there surprising vistas.

Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh, B&B, Bed and breakfast - Geesbrug - Drenthe s

Beelden in Gees
Schaapveensweg 16, 7863 TE Gees
Telefoon 0524-582141

Op de fiets 5,6 km
met de auto 5,9 km

(bron tekst: beelden in Gees, Foto's: Ruud Hobo)

Bed en Breakfast Van Gogh
Ruud en Marieke Hobo
Kanaalweg 18
7917TB Geesbrug
Drenthe - Nederland
phone: 0031 6 464 88 255


Copyright 2019 - heden: Ruud en Marieke Hobo

  Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh in Geesbrug - Drenthe heeft natuurlijk gratis Wifi
Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in South-East Drenthe. The spacious guesthouse can accommodate up to 3 people and consists of a spacious sitting room with a 2-person bed, a sitting area, a dining table, and a pantry with fridge, microwave, coffee and tea making facilities on the ground floor and a single room on the first floor. The B&B has its own toilet and bathroom with shower and the B&B has its own entrance.