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Geopark De Hondsrug

Geopark de Hondsrug

Past and future

Every geopark has its own unique geological history. Geological heritage determines the nature and culture of the area. Together these elements give a geopark an identity that distinguishes it from other areas. Residents, companies, organizations, government and education together create a geopark. If you know more about your past, you will be more careful and sustainable with your environment. A geopark wants to inspire people to face the future of their region with confidence and in a sustainable way. These general principles also apply to our geopark, the Hondsrug Geopark.

The story of the Hondsrug area is told on the basis of ten story lines. An Expedition is made of every storyline. Every expedition starts in an Expedition gate. That is a museum or a visitor center with a permanent Geopark exhibition. In addition, the expedition consists of Hotspots. These are places where parts of the expedition are visible in the landscape. They can be places in the landscape but also, for example, small museums or information centers. In the spring of 2012, the Ice Age and Prehistory Expedition Gates were opened in the Hunebedcentrum in Borger and the Expeditiepoort Veen in the Veenpark. In the spring of 2013 the Expeditiepoort Artists in the Hondsrug area in the Van Gogh House in Veenoord-Nieuw-Amsterdam and the Expeditiepoort Sporen van Strijd in the Arsenaal van Coevorden were opened. The Expeditiepoort Water is located in Waterpark De Bloemert in Midlaren and opened on July 4, 2014 and the Expeditiepoort Natuur on September 26, 2014 in Informatiecentrum Homanshof in Anloo. Expeditiepoort Bossen opened on June 18, 2015 in Buitencentrum Boomkroonpad in Drouwen. For the near future there are plans for an Expedition Farmers including an expedition port.

The Hondsrug area is a large area that covers almost all East Drenthe and partly North Drenthe. It goes from the provincial border in the north, via the municipalities of Tynaarlo, Aa and Hunze and Borger - Odoorn to the south to the municipality of Emmen and the municipality of Coevorden. The area in the south-east of Drenthe (the Bargerveen area), the area east of the actual Hondsrug, the Hunzedal and the Drentsche Aa National Park, which borders on Assen, also belong to the Hondsrug Geopark. The area is well accessible with access roads. Train stations can be found in Coevorden, Dalen, Nieuw Amsterdam, Emmen, Assen, Haren and Groningen.




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Bed en Breakfast Van Gogh
Ruud en Marieke Hobo
Kanaalweg 18
7917TB Geesbrug
Drenthe - Nederland
phone: 0031 6 464 88 255


Copyright 2019 - heden: Ruud en Marieke Hobo

  Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh in Geesbrug - Drenthe heeft natuurlijk gratis Wifi
Bed and Breakfast Van Gogh is a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) in South-East Drenthe. The spacious guesthouse can accommodate up to 3 people and consists of a spacious sitting room with a 2-person bed, a sitting area, a dining table, and a pantry with fridge, microwave, coffee and tea making facilities on the ground floor and a single room on the first floor. The B&B has its own toilet and bathroom with shower and the B&B has its own entrance.